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A brand new Storymaster's Tale OUT TODAY!!!!

Here at the Storymaster's Tales Towers (an actual Wizard's Tower) we have been secretly working on another book.

"The Great Golden Acorn" combines the previous games' style but also includes elements that made our Live Action (and online) theatre shows so much fun—written in collaboration with the supremely talented Alexander Hunt, who, as well as being the actor who originally brought many of the characters of our tales to life, has also worked on editing and proofing all of the previous games.

Split over Ten Acts, you (and others) will journey to save the Weirding Woods from a fate worse than animal armageddon! Puzzles, dilemmas, and fantastical creatures await you on this fun quest.

Includes Narrative Soundscapes and High Adventure!!

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John Garretson
John Garretson
30 déc. 2022

I just wanted to say, THANK YOU! Growing up, as an avid reader and RPG fanatic, I loved gamebooks like Lone Wolf and Grailquest. Just around the time I was old enough to have some disposable income, the gamebooks all seemed to dry up and disappear. For years (decades?) I've wished for a return to those wonderful days of interactive fantasy and adventure. There is something unique and special about participating in the telling of the story through your own imagination that will never be matched by a videogame. I've collected any gamebooks I could find over the years in dusty used bookstores, and sometimes via the internet, but they are rare and often expensive to find in decent shape.…

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