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Cards, Cthulhu, Horror and more HORROR! plus some free stuff.

We are almost through November and Christmas is only five weeks away. What better way to say I love you to your friends and family but to give them the gift of Horror!

Yes, not only is there time to order your copy of "The Tome of Terror" from Amazon both hardback and soft, but you have a little time to also back the Kickstarter to get the add-on cards. which ends next week.

These cards give you more options to play the games by creating maps as you lay them out.

These will certainly raise some spirits and eyebrows over the Yule period, which is a perfect time for ghosts and ghouls.

but there is more horror to come.

After the success of the Cthulhu Parlour "Hotel Lovecraft", I'm now bringing out the original party live-action play "The Maddening". This is the adaptation of our live show of the same name. You will need two Storymasters for this, and it can be played by three to twelve players, ages 14 to adult.

It also includes links to the narrated soundscapes and printable props.

As well as this, we have also introduced a cardless device for playing the original and new version of Hotel Lovecraft. The new maps are now on our website.

I must also give shout out to Jonathan Green and his amazing Dracula: Curse of the Vampire. Dracula – Curse of the Vampire is an interactive gothic horror novel, in which YOU decide which route to take, which perils to risk, and which of the terrifying creatures you will meet along the way to fight. Play as Jonathan Harker, Mina Murray and Dr John Seward… or even Count Dracula himself. But be warned – whether you succeed in your quest or succumb to the curse of the vampire will be down to the choices YOU make.

Finally, after 20 months, I'm opening up the theatre at the weekends for game sales and live plays. Come a join us down in Rye running up to Christmas.

Warmest wishes


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