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Dracodeep Dungeon and Tome of Terror Sale!

Wow! It's coming up to one year since The Storymaster's Tales came out in book form. Its reached far more people than I could have ever wished for, and I thank you all so much for your support. The latest Threatlore Town is now out if you wish to complete your set, and more books/games are in the works.

I have just noticed that Amazon UK are doing a SALE offer on both Dracodeep Dungeon & Tome of Terror, so if you have yet to play in these worlds, now is the perfect time. Get them now to play over the holidays, or to stock up for Christmas/Birthday gifts

Dracodeep Dungeon is the underground maze that rests below the Weirding Woods. You can play it stand-alone, or combine it with the other fantasy sets.

Tome of Terror: Transylvania, is a great family horror game set in a world of Vampires, Werewolves and monsters. Capturing the gothic tone of Hammer Horror and the Classic movies, it's a scary and lighthearted trip into fear.

We also have a limited number of the card sets to accompany these games.

More news coming soon, including more online live Storymaster shows.

Warmest wishes

Olly Mc

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