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Hardback versions and Tome of Terror news and MORE!

Wow! What an amazing couple of months it has been. Since relaunching the Storymaster's Tales as books, we have been busy adapting the other titles and working on the new books "Tome of Terror", and "Towers".

The "Tome of Terror" will be out in a couple of weeks in time to order and play for Halloween. This will also be available as a hardback in the EU, UK, USA and softback everywhere else. Did you know the other titles are also now available in hardback from Amazon?

I'm also launching a new Kickstarter so that if you wish to add to the fun of playing the Storymaster's Tales, you can get the card sets. These cards give you the option of replacing the maps and allow you to create a unique journey, every time you play.

One last thing, also at the end of the month, I will be bringing out something different. The Storymaster's Tales "Spoken adventures" Game-map. This game is entirely voice-activated and controlled. Currently only available from this website, but we have stock to get it to you for Christmas!

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