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More Onine shows AND super discount on books.

New kids 7-12 Online Zoom Quests HERE LIMITED SPACES! The Fae Saga!

Your wizard teacher Professor Quazimore (Played by the designer of the Storymaster's Tales, Oliver McNeil) will guide and help the players interact, problem solve, discuss tactics and make decisions. 

Pupils will take on the character of a hero from the Brothers Grimm stories. Wizard, Witch, Pirate, Huntsman, Red-Cap (can talk to animals), before entering an interactive and immersive quest guided by The Storymaster Tales Wizard. 

Players are encouraged to dress as their characters, to make the world and show more immersive. There is also a background of information that they can read if they wish, although this is not required to be able to play. 

Using, puppets, real sets, intercut scenes, puzzles and moral dilemmas to solve, the players must cooperate, communicate and problem solve to complete the given tale. The unique world and environment have been adapted from The Storymaster’s Tales live theatre show in the UK, and an Amazon best-selling series of books. The already award-winning (Online Live-action Roleplaying game of the year) online version has also been used by families, schools, scouting and girl guide association, and now is available to Outschool learners. 

The structure of the session will be

Introduction by Oliver McNeil, the creator of the show. He will quickly explain how the quest works, greet the learners, talk about improvising and characterisation, then start the show. 

The show will start with the titles voiced by Tom Baker (Doctor Who) before the learners are greeted again by Oliver, who will now be in the full costume and character of Professor Quazimore. The quest will be introduced, and the Learners who will also now be "In character" shall proceed in the first part of the story. 

The Quest is split into several Acts, each one will introduce more characters (also played by Oliver), puzzles, and plot. All the time the Professor will be on hand to assist the learners with tips, encouragement, and questions. 

At the end of the Quest. Oliver will come out of character to wrap up the session with some questions and answers, behind the scenes chat. 

These are new quests not in our one-time shows. Players will choose and play the same character for as long they attend. This develops character, and also allows them to work on backgrounds, costumes, and acting. 

Quests dates

* Week One 5th March "The Terror from the Trees"
* Week Two 12th March "Enter the Fairy Realm"
* Week Three 26th March "Out of Time"
* Week Four 2nd April "Equinox"
* Week Five 9th April "Dance of the Goblins"

In other news. The UK Amazon store currently has 43% off the Weirding Woods books.

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