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The Horror Master's Scary Games & Paranormal Experiments is here!

Do you like to play games in the dark? Have you wished to liven up a party with something fun and creepy? Well, now you can, before the Kickstarter, at a special price!!

Contained within the pages of this book are a collection of experiences that will confuse, mystify, terrify and delight those who participate. The games and paranormal experiments have been gathered by the author after many years of research, for a truly weird and magical, immersive parlour experience.

Some of the games are a reimagining of classic Victorian and Edwardian parlour games, but with an atmospheric and twisted theatrical edge. Others are new creations from the authors own twisted imagination.

The games and paranormal experiments have been specially designed so that they are quick to learn and simple to teach, but may need slight preparation; such as environment, audio, atmosphere and props.

In this book you will also find QR codes that activate the Horror Master soundscapes. The disembodied voice and audio tracks will provide instructions and bring each activity to life.

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