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Upcoming Games!

I'm so delighted to tell you that The Storymaster's Tales will soon be bringing our biggest adventure yet to Kickstarter in November 2022. Mysterious Islands is a new stand-alone game using the same rules and time period as Weirding Woods, Dracodeep Dungeon, Threalore Town, and Towers. So play it on its own, or combine it with the previous books.

60 Locations, 20 Journey Encounters, 30 Rewards, Maps, and new character classes.

As well as that, we are just putting the finishing touches to our first Advanced Quest, "The Great Golden Acorn". Set within the Weirding Woods, this interactive adventure for solo-four players is an adventure like no other! Due in time for Christmas!

Advanced quests use the same rules but hugely expand each section and options in each story area. Can you save the forest and all life, before darkness consumes us all!! No pressure.

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