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Black Goat Part One

Black Goat Part One


Part One 10 Folk Horror tracks designed exclusively for Role-Playing, Board Games and LARP. 


Designed by Interactive Theatre Producer Oliver McNeil (The Storymaster's Tales, Cthulhu Parlour, and Folklore Realms) and creator of the Sounds of Madness Volumes and Fantasy Soundscapes. 

Over 4 Hours of Folk HorrorSoundscapes to get you in the mood for immersive play. 


Each track has been designed to give you a rich filmic environment to make each game you play a darker experience.


1. Black Goat

2. Midsommer Dnace

3. Prick my Finger

4. Corn Sacrifice

5. Let it BUrn

6. The Woodland Watches

7. The Old Ways

8. Blood Moon

9. Dance to the Hills

10. Eyes in the Flames

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