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Hotel Lovecraft PDF Download Print Game

Hotel Lovecraft PDF Download Print Game


For ages 12-adult and a perfect Halloween Game.


You find yourself waking inside an unfamiliar, decaying corridor, with no past memory of whom you are or how on earth you got there.

The new Black and White Map PDF edition. 

With limited time, before you either die or go insane, you must enter the twisted mind and stories of H.P Lovecraft to escape. This new blend of Role-Playing game and Audio Horror Theatre will take you into 54 specially designed rooms, each one inspired by the grandmaster of weird and twisted science fiction.

Designed and written by multi-award-winning immersive theatre designer and member of the Magic Circle, Oliver McNeil.

With this unique game, every room is supported by suspenseful and nerve-jangling narration and soundscapes, designed to create an evening of macabre entertainment.

Unique to the Storymaster’s Tales series, all the games can be played by complete novices or hardened role-players.

  • 1-4 players
  • Includes audio soundscapes and narrations
  • Ages 12-adult
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