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Monsters, Magic and Mystery.

* Really easy to play.

* Includes Narrations and Soundscapes
* Hours of fun! Ages 7-Adult.
* 1-5 Players.

* Maps & Story Log Sheets

The StoryMaster's Tales has been created to be a quick, easy and fun way of experiencing role-playing without the problem of learning lots of rules or owning numerous books and miniatures. The emphasis is on adventure and storytelling.

Anyone can play this RPG (Roleplaying game), Kids, Adults, Teens, and anyone can be the StoryMaster, as long as they can read aloud and have an hour or three to spare.

This new version of the StoryMaster’s Tales “Weirding Woods”, has been released two years since the first edition came out. We have expanded some of the areas and results, added some extra classes and quests, and added advanced rules for you.

It also uses the new Maps, to make the game even more exciting!

The Storymaster’s Tales brings the most immersive home adventure game for 1-5 players which now include stunning narrated theatrical atmospheric soundscapes.

Enter a world of Monsters, Magic and Mystery, weird woodlands, dangerous dragon filled dungeons and threatening pirate towns.

Quick and easy to learn, it’s designed to be fabulous fun for children and adults, each book holds enough adventure for multiple quests, hours of fun, and encouraging storytelling and wild imagination.

Create a folklore character, choose a quest, then use the maps to plot a path to rewards and glory.

Grab one or all of the titles. The more you get, the more you can expand the incredible world that is

The StoryMaster’s Tales.


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