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Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Well, it's been an interesting year, but the show must go on. I've had a busy time creating new games, working with the amazing Spoken Adventures team on the interactive voice commanded game-map, and adapting all my games to book format.

The wonderful thing about this is we can get them to you faster, and cheaper than before. There have been some design changes, but I think you will love them.

Hotel Lovecraft

The first title to get the book only treatment is Cthulhu Parlour's: Hotel Lovecraft. You wake up in a strange hotel and have to find your way out. This is a great game to freak your friends and family out.

This is the only title of our book only titles that have cut and fold cards in the back. Currently, you can get it in softback and hardback.

Why change?

Since I published my first game, to where we are now, the world has changed to make everything much more expensive to post and produce. I've also wanted to try and use manufacturers from the UK for all the components, but this has meant that shipping to the USA has been expensive. Last year, the price of postage hiked up four times. This, Brexit, and the change in VAT rules to the EU, have meant that I have done some redesigns to the games.

Having played the games over Zoom in the last year and a half, I realise that the cards can now be replaced by maps, which makes the game now perfect to print on demand. I know that some of you will miss the cards, but I promise this actually makes the game better and quicker to learn, as well as added a new story writing dynamic to the Storymaster role. It also makes the world seem more real, as we add more maps to expand the world. Will the cards still be available? Yes, certainly for the Threatlore Town, which is the last in the main set of Weirding Woods, Dracodeep Dungeon, Towers block. Then, we will be working on the next phase of the games, the Tome of Terro, which will be Book, map-based. The Deluxe box versions of the WW, DD, TT sets will be repackaged for hopefully retail distribution.

Currently, we are working on new covers for the new versions.

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