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Threatlore Town is here!

Finally after three years of planning, the final part of the Storymaster's Tales Folklore world is here!

Threatlore Town is located outside the Weirding Woods, and over Dracodeep Dungeon. Full of new adventures and strange characters, it completes my original vision, which I started three years ago.

Get it now from Amazon in either Hard or Softback.

I'm delighted to also say that I will be at this year's UK GAMES EXPO. If you come, it would be lovely to meet you and say hello!

I've also been asked to step in for Sir Ian Livingstone, for the live reading of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. This means so much to me, as it was this book that started my journey into fantasy gaming.

For those waiting for their Threalore Town, boxed version, I will be sending out a Backerkit survey after I come back from the Expo.

Warmest wishes

Olly Mc

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