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Enter a world of Magic, Monsters and Mystery. A fabulous folklore quest where the audience must decide what happens next.

It is a multi-media game like no other, using masks, narrated soundscapes, giant dice, acting and puppets. This family show is hosted by actor and games designer, Oliver McNeil. 

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New for 2024 is the Storymaster's Tales "Tower of Doom" performed at De Valence Pavilion in Tenby. This unique interactive show will feature more live-action monsters, puzzles, magic, and adventure. The audience is part of the quest and will decide what will happen and how they may succeed... or fail. Hosted by the original author and designer of the Storymaster's Tales games, Oliver McNeil. Also features the voice of Tom Baker (Doctor Who). 

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"Top Class show"


"My boys have not stopped taking about it"


"So much fun"


"Can't wait to come again"


"They were all hooked"


"This is so awesome I’m definitely doing it



"Fantastic , Mystical and entertaining time had by all"



What is the World?

The adventures are set in an alternative 18th Century Folklore Grimm World. You will encounter magic, fae, the living dead, dark forests, dungeons, strange castles and many other wonderful places.

How do adventures work?

Your Storymaster will guide, and help everyone get involved who wants to through the quest. 

The show will contain, creature masked actors, scenery, filmed locations, puppets, smoke, narrated soundscapes and props. It’s really unique fun!

What age is it suitable for?

This is suitable for all ages. 7-Adult. *Please note that all children must have a paying adult with them.

How scary is it?

I like to think we are at a level that is intense but not too scary. If you can handle the scary bits of Doctor Who or Harry Potter, you should be ok. If you are bringing children aged between 7-12 years, please consider whether your child will enjoy scary creatures and situations. Please contact me if you have any questions.

How involved do we get?

All through the show, you are all encouraged to work as a team, share information, come up with ideas and volunteer to go through the portal if they want to. Basically, if you don’t want to get involved, you don’t have to but you get more, the more you put in.

Is it good if I have a disability?

It’s wonderful! We have many people who have disabilities. You are not limited by movement, as the game is imagination and storytelling. Please note that the Mariners Inn location is not wheelchair accessible.

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