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A unique horror, set in the world of H.P Lovecraft
Mind-bending and horrific storytelling game.  
Easy to play and hours of entertainment


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“Recommended. Then, recommended again. I think, possibly by a whisker, that this is the best Storymasters Tales game to date.”


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Cthulhu RPG Horror Game

Hotel Lovecraft enables you to create a terrifying and unsettling experience in the comfort of your own home. Based on the works of the master of cosmic horror H.P. Lovecraft, it blends roleplaying, adventure gamebooks and audio horror theatre into a hybrid entertainment.

In a darkened candlelit room or even over the internet via video chat, you will take your guests on a journey through a world of twisted nightmares and reality-bending encounters.

Each room has its own specially designed soundscape and narration, once entered you will be given four choices, from which you must choose before you are allowed to descend further. The HOST will tell them of the results and elaborate upon the story to bring the players deeper into the adventure.

A player will start on the top floor of “Hotel Lovecraft”. Play or read the Acts in order, before the player can start opening each door to the floor. They must open all but one of the doors on each floor before the lift will allow them to move to the next level. They can if they wish to revisit a floor, once they have activated the lift.

Players will start with full HEALTH and Zero MADNESS. If the players lose all their HEALTH or REALITY points, the game ends for them.

Players will also have the statistics IQ, VIGOUR, REFLEX and ESP.


This signifies how much they know. How well-read they are, and potentially if they should succeed in a task that requires a certain degree of intelligence.


If the player finds themselves in a physical fight, they must roll their VIGOUR level plus their roll of a four-sided dice to see if they win.


Can the player, pickpocket someone? Can they cross a rope bridge without slipping? A REFLEX roll will determine their success.


Some may find themselves becoming adapt to magical use. This skill may allow the player to achieve all manner of strange results.

Solo Play 

Although this game has been designed with group play in mind, you can play it solo. You will become Host and Guest and guide yourself around the Hotel, taking notes and reading the results of the cards from the Book of Tales. The narrated soundcapes will soundscapes help you immerse yourself in the story. You will, however, lose the storytelling elaboration that is used in group play.  

Who can play?

We recommend that this game is played by ages 14 to adult. Players can be new to roleplaying or seasoned veterans, both will be able to play together as the rules are simple and the book contains much of the information as you play along.

Using the Soundscapes

The narrations have been designed to play a very important part of this game. You will be able to access them from a variety of downloadable files or streaming sites as an inclusive part of the game. There are Fifty-four room cards and a uniquely designed soundscape for each one. The narration and choices will help you immerse into the weird world of Hotel Lovecraft. We do not suggest playing without them, as it will rip the soul out of the game, something that is only reserved for the HOST to do to the GUESTS.


If you would like to be able to play more than once, you can. Each room has four options, of which you may only choose one or two during a game, furthermore some of the results also have extra options. There is also part of the game where your objectives will be changed.

No game will be the same as the last. Even after you have learnt the secrets of the game, becoming the HOST and taking new GUESTS on a journey is as much fun as playing.



Oliver McNeil has been creating interactive and immersive theatre shows for a number of years. Based in Rye, UK, his parlour theatre has gained several Tripadvisor Certificates of Excellence. He has also adapted the classic Fighting Fantasy books, House of Hell & Deathtrap Dungeon as live shows.

Other games he has designed are the popular Storymaster's Tales adventures. Based on his fantasy world, they have garnered high praise and a loyal following.

As well as a fantasy photographer, he has also produced many soundscape albums for the game playing community, and is a member of the Magic Circle.

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