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Join the Storymaster's Tales
exclusive 15 
Roleplaying club


You can join our RPG group with just 15 member spaces each week.

Our Online Quests are amazingly fun and will connect you to

players from all around the world.


Hosted by Oliver McNeil the author of the

Storymaster's Tales and Folklore Realms


We have One Session on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Just FIVE spaces per session. A brand new adventure every week!

Set in an 18th Century Folklore world where wizards go on perilous quests, meet monsters, use magic, and solve mysteries. 


Using multimedia, you will have an experience like no other. 

* Simple rules for optimum storytelling role-playing. 

* Two-hour tales (but may run longer)

* New tales each week.

* Meet players from all around the world. 


* We love it if you dress up! As this adds so much to the immersion.


* Ages 12-Adult 


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Join us below

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